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Michael S. Morse, Ph.D.

Electrical Injury Expert

Credentials 500+ Electric Shock Cases

Courtroom Experience
(Plaintiff and Defense)

Research and Publication 

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Contact Information:  619-847-3336 (Office)


Electrical Injury (Biomedical) Expert


Michael S. Morse, Ph.D.



Contact Information:


Office:  619-847-3336



Electrical Injury Expert:

500+ Cases. 30+ years experience. Consultation and Testimony for both Plaintiff and Defense

Electrical accident reconstruction. Expert in electrical accident causation and associated human response. Human interaction with electrical systems. Extensive federal and state testimony experience. Publication on electrical injury.  Accident reconstruction based on burn injury pattern and other physical evidence.  Analysis of pain and suffering.  Human factors associated with electrical contact.   Diffuse electrical injury (DEI).  Both high and low voltage contacts. 



Site Disclaimer:  Thank you for visiting my website. While I hope that this site may be valuable in helping you to understand electrical injury, the information on the site is of a very generic nature and is not intended to be used as the basis for making any medical or treatment decisions specific to any individual electrical contact.   One of the purposes of this site is to share  the results of my research efforts.  It is my absolute policy not to offer any type of individual medical (or biomedical) advice or medical treatment via email or telephone. Electrical injury is very complex and people's response is linked to a multitude of factors, far beyond that which can be related in an email or phone call.  It would therefore be virtually impossible to offer any kind of valid assessment without an extensive and detailed study of all aspects of any particular electrical contact.   If you wish to learn more about my research, many of my articles are available online from this website.   I always suggest that anyone who has received an electric shock keep their medical provider well apprised of all aspects of the electrical contact and any changes that they experience after the shock.