Michael S. Morse

Retainer Agreement/Fee Schedule

Updated July 2015


Michael S. Morse, Ph.D.




Dr. Michael S Morse

Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Loma Hall

University of San Diego

5998 Alcala Park

San Diego, CA 92110

Contact Numbers

619) 847-3336

 (619) 374-1947 (FAX)


Providing a confirmation letter, case materials (see NOTE1 and NOTE2 below), and a non-refundable $2500 retainer fee  constitutes an agreement by which the initial review of materials may be started  and indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement.


It is agreed that the following schedule of fees is to apply to all work related to the individual case that is the subject of the review materials to be provided by your office.  Any broader context is to be defined in the cover letter to the materials and must be mutually agreed upon by your office and by Dr. Michael S. Morse.  This retainer agreement covers all work to be performed by Michael S. Morse in his capacity as a consultant and expert.  The timeframe for completion of the review and any critical dates should be specified in the confirmation letter or by mutual agreement during the process of material review.  The non-refundable retainer fee will be applied against the time spent for review by Dr. Michael S Morse.  Expenses and assistants time will be billed separately. Payment of each bill is to be made within 30 days of the receipt of that bill.  Billing will be conducted on a regular basis or as is necessary during the progress of the case. 


Prior to deposition, court dates or any travel, payment is to be made in full and is to include pre-payment for all reasonable estimated time and expenses that will be incurred for the deposition, court appearance, and/or travel. 


It is agreed that the services to be rendered by Dr. Michael Morse are limited to those associated with consultation, case material review,  and evaluation of records within the boundaries of his expertise as appropriate to the matter that is the subject of this agreement. 


NOTE1: Please send HARD COPIES of all case materials to be reviewed. Generally, I do not have either the equipment or the support staff to print large quantities of materials. Digital files can substantially delay the time for review or substantially add to the cost of file review.


NOTE2: CASE FILE DESTRUCTION: Unless agreed otherwise, case files will be marked for destruction after one year of inactivity measured from the date of last contact with your office or after receipt of a letter indicating the final disposition of the case.


Schedule of Fees

July 2015


Time used pursuant to this agreement by Michael S. Morse, Ph.D. is billed as follows:

Material review and analysis:                                        $375.00/hour

Court time:                                                                 $2400/half day

Deposition time:                                                         $2400/half day

Travel time (non-working)1:                                          $150.00/hour

Rebilling charge (after 45 days)                                     $100.00


Associate time will be billed as follows:

      Literature searches/library work:                                     $50.00/hour

     Case Preparation:                                                            $50.00/hour

      Other:                                                                            $35.00/hour


Expenses will be billed as follows:

      All reasonable expenses are directly billable.


      Expenses include but are not limited to: 

Hotel, meals, mileage ($0.60 per mile), telephone and cellular phone as appropriate.  FAX, photocopies, component purchases, airfare (unrestricted business class)


1 Travel time spent working is billed at the full consulting rate of $375/hr.